Merry Christmas

Mississippi Mini-PLUS

One thing that Christmas decorators love to do is to come together as a group and talk about…...Decorating.


   Following the lead of all the folks at, Mississippi Decorators come together in August to talk about the newest, the biggest and the brightest in Christmas decorating.  Everyone is encouraged to bring a “Show-N-Tell” project that they are working on.  If someone has questions or problems, chances are that someone else has faced that problem before.  In a group like ours, there is probably an answer to that question or problem.

     New friendships and ideas are waiting at the


Mississippi Mini Planet Christmas Lights Up Symposium


And You are invited to attend

Our 2014 Mini PLUS meeting will be held on Saturday, August 9th. 

We will be at the Flowood MS Library located at 103 Winners Circle, Flowood, Mississippi.  We will be meeting in the Large Meeting Room.  Bring Your Ideas, problems, and a Christmas Smile as we get ready for the 2013 Christmas season.


The Mississippi Mini PLUS is making a


As a matter of fact, we are becoming GLAD

Great Lights and Displays


After six years of making friends around the south and from other places in the U.S., we have changed from being a state-wide gathering to more of a regional.  So it is time to change the name; we are still the friendly, laid back southern group of decorating nuts, we just want to become more inclusive.